Posted 3-30-2020 - All Systems Are Normal. This document will be updated if conditions change.

For the week of 3-23-2020

We experienced one-way audio issues on up to 25% of incoming phone calls sourced from CenturyLink last week. The issue was cleared Friday March 27th, 2020.

The Details

In writing, CenturyLink admitted it was a problem with their Northern Virginia Switch. Under stress CenturyLink workers sent home due to Covid could not optimally work the problem.


All Systems are normal. You may experience poor quality calls due to the source as many Americans have taken their VoIP phones home or are using at near capacity cellular networks. We see the failure rate incoming to us as well under 1%.
Please use our service form to report these issues and we will respond to the aggregated data.

We use the top four carriers (in sales volume) to transport our phone calls according to Google Finance. These carriers are Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and Century Link. You may research this by entering something like "Verizon Market Cap" into